My Story

Chrystal Beckett, RHN

After graduating with a diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2008, my goal was to start my own practice. I had worked as an Early Childhood Educator for 15 + years and was looking for something different. As luck would have it, I became pregnant with my first child right away and my goal (with all that extra time on my hands) was to create a business during my maternity leave.  That was a joke because as you all know, (and I learned quickly), there is no extra time when you have a newborn. My dreams of creating my own business were put on hold. Unfortunately, time ran out and I had to go back to work. I was employed at jobs that I couldn’t see myself making as a career. I knew I could do more and felt my potential was being wasted. My dreams of creating my own nutritional consulting business for families who have children with special needs were never far from my mind.

Last year when the pandemic hit, I was laid off from my job and found myself homeschooling my children. As bad as the COVID situation was, I knew there was a silver lining to all of this. I was not sure what that was, but I knew something good would come out of this. At least I was spending more time home with my kids and that in itself is a positive.

 A few months prior, after undergoing many doctor visits and testing, our son (age 7) received an ASD diagnosis. A year later, (after 4 long years of seeing various doctors and receiving the same “she has anxiety deal with it” diagnosis knowing there was something more), our daughter (age 10) received an ASD diagnosis. A new chapter had begun in our lives. Not only were we dealing with a pandemic, but also adapting to these new diagnoses and trying to get help as well.

One of the characteristics of a child on the spectrum is sensory issues. This includes picky eating which I know all too well. My son has a handful of foods that he will eat willingly. My daughter is a vegetarian. Mealtimes are a struggle. One night during dinner engaging in yet another game of please eat your dinner, it hit me. If I am having these issues, I know there are others out there as well.That night  I went to work jotting down so many ideas and doing lots of research. I began taking  time for myself (along with doing virtual learning). I found an amazing Business Coach who helped me jump on the right path, I created a website, had a logo designed,  joined social media and enlisted the help of a Life Coach as well. 

With the support of my family, friends and the community around me. One Step Ahead Nutrition: Virtual Nutritional Consulting for Families with Kids on the Autism  Spectrum was born. My mission is to help support families who have children on the Autism Spectrum and provide them with the tools needed to help empower and build confidence to create positive mealtimes and experiences within the home.

I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can help to make a healthy impact for you and your family. Mealtimes can be a struggle yet they don’t have to be. Contact me today to obtain your free initial 15 minute consult to start your journey. I can be reached by email at, I also welcome you to join me at One Step Ahead Nutrition where you can subscribe and not miss anything.